A Bit of Care Delays Septic Repair in Snohomish, and might have helped in London

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Septic tank owners are already aware of the damage that flushing the non-flushable can cause. Here at Superior Septic Services, we blog about the problems that can occur when the wrong things go down the toilet or the drain. We’ve said often that a bit of care delays septic repair in Snohomish and in surrounding […]

Fall is a good time for Septic Inspection in Arlington

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Superior Septic Service reminds our customers and others in the area that fall is a good time for septic inspection in Arlington. Gravity feed septic tanks are required to have an inspection every three years; elevated septic tanks are required to be inspected yearly. Inspections do a lot more than just keep your home sanitation […]

Septic Repair Near Marysville

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Superior Septic Services is prepared to help with your septic repair near Marysville. Septic tanks were and are a good answer to the need to develop an appropriate place to which to drain household wastes. No one wants to go back to previous eras when slop jars were emptied out of windows or the contents […]